Daily Prelims Practice & Mentorship Program "DPPMP- रणनीति"

We are excited to introduce the revival of our "DPPMP- रणनीति" program for the upcoming year You might be curious about why we're initiating it so early, given that there is still Six Month remaining until Prelims 2024. Do you think you have a surplus of time to initiate your Prelims preparation, starting in February?
If you feel confident in your preparedness for Prelims and possess a strong understanding of fundamental concepts, proficient multiple-choice questions (MCQ) solving abilities, and the capacity to assess risk effectively based on the paper's level of difficulty, and if you did not encounter any difficulties with the altered pattern of Prelims 2023, we recommend that you adhere to your existing plan.
However, if you feel there's room for improvement in any aspect of your preparation, we recommend starting your Prelims preparation well in advance. We understand the need to allocate time for your optional subject and Mains preparation, so we have designed this course (DPPMP- 150 DAYS) to cover the Core subjects, question practice, and most important PYQs in 150 days to ensure you eliminate any apprehensions about qualifying Prelims.
Conquer Prelims is unique and perfectly aligned with the demands of UPSC Prelims, thanks to the expertise of the team behind this program. Amit Sir, the Founder and Director, conceived this program during the COVID-19 second wave when students were under immense pressure and unable to strategize their Prelims preparation.
Now, for the exciting news: This year, we are introducing Target 50, with the goal of ensuring at least 50 students clear Prelims 2024! To Conquer Prelims 2024, DPPMP is well-crafted with a Four Quadrant strategy representing four approaches to Prelims to meet the new standards set by UPSC:
1. Conquer PYQ themes & CORE Subject in first 75 Days.
2. Conquer MCQ’s by PRACTICE and REVISION in next 45 Days.
3. Conquer Face To Face in next 30 days
4. The Last Leg
Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your UPSC Prelims preparation to the next level. Let's work together to help you achieve your goal of clearing Prelims 2024.

✅ GS1. Complete Syllabus Coverage: GS in a structured manner

✅ Daily study plan (with Daily tests & references)

✅ Solve 5000s of MCQs (High Quality Questions on latest pattern)

✅ Current Affairs will be covered in a holistic manner

✅ Hone MCQ Solving Skills, Learn about time management

✅ One-on-one Personalised Mentorship by Experts

✅ High-Quality Five Full-Length Prelims Tests crafted by Experts

✅ Fees 15,000/-

*Admission taken on Website is considered as online Admission only. For Offline Admission you have to Enroll at our Office -
Building no. 21, Second Floor, Opposite Mother Dairy Booth, Bada Bazaar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi Pin 110060

Daily Prelims Practice & Mentorship Program "DPPMP- रणनीति


Daily Prelims Practice & Mentorship Program (DPPMP) रणनीति

UPSC - CSE for (2024)

Starting 27 November 2023

₹ 20,000 ₹ 15,000

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